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About Yemen - Places to Visit


The Southern Coast

Aden, the biggest commerical and economical city of the country, was once the capital of South Yemen when Yemen formerly was divided into South and North. Legend says that Cain and Abel founded Aden. Now Aden is primarily known for its beautiful beaches for swimming and the historical dam.

Habban, with its towering houses built of mud and straw, lies in this region. These homes are quite unique and interesting to see.

Bir Ali:
Bir Ali, previously known as Qana, is now a small fishing village, but one can still recognize the remains of the ancient historic frankincense port which was founded in the 2nd century CE. Bir Ali has a beautiful beach for enjoyable swimming.

Located on the Indian Ocean, Mukalla is an important fishing center famous for its mosquse and its museum holding many archeological finds from all over the country. The old houses still have artistic work on the wooden doors and windows.

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