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About Yemen - Places to Visit


The Lowlands or Tihama

Tihama is a narrow coastal region stretching 50 km on the west coast of Yemen. Hodeida has one of Yemen’s main seaports and it’s worthwhile to visit the fish market to see the arrival of the “dhows”, or Arab fishing boats, early in the mornings as they bring in giant sharks and manta rays.

Beit al Faqih:
Friday market is definitely worth a visit – one of the most interesting markets in all of Yemen. Only a few kilometers from Zabid, Beit al Faqih’s market was established in the 1700’s as a central point for the commerce of coffee. Here visitors have the opportunity to plunge into intense trading of traditional Yemeni crafts such as jewelry, ceramics, woven fabrics and baskets, clothing and even camels.

Zabid was a cultural and religious center of prime importance in the 9th century CE. The unique architecture of both houses and mosques shows the talent and skill of Yemeni builders’ use of brick. This area is also under protection of UNESCO and has been included in its World Heritage List.

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