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About Yemen - Places to Visit


The Highlands

Sana’a Qadeema, (Ancient Sana’a):
According to legend (and the Sabeans in the 2nd century CE, the prophet Noah founded the old city of Sana’a. UNESCO has classified this city as a part of the world’s oldest heritage. Sana’a presents an absolute unique and perfectly preserved ensemble of traditional Yemeni architecture. A walk in this amazing old city of narrow streets full with bartering customers and merchants, white-capped mosques with soaring minarets, tower houses with colorful Qamariahs over each window and doorway, and clattering of the hustle and bustle of city life will be an experience never to forget. Sana’a’s old city has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Wadi Dhahr & Dar al Hajar:
Twelve kilometers west of Sana’a, in the fertile valley, stands the palace of Imam Yahya, built in the early 1920’s. Build into the rock, this unique structure defies time and gravity. This is but a small sampling of the skill and architecture of Yemeni builders. Every Friday several hundred people gather to celebrate weddings as they dance on Wadi Dhahr.

Undoubtedly, Manakha is the most impressive landscape in the heart of Mount Haraz. The massive mountain (2200m) is a natural fortress where the Ismaelian community took refuge. Hajara and Hotaib are just two of the fortified villages to visit in the region.

The third largest city in the country, Taiz previously was the capital during the Rasulid dynasty (1229-1454). Many mosques in Taiz date back to this period. The sight of the city from Mt. Saber (3000m) is amazing, especially at night when all the village lights flicker on the hillsides.

Jiblah is a beautiful little town in the heart of “the Green Yemen” and was once the capital of Yemen during the Sulayhides dynasty when the famous Queen Arwa had the thrown in the 11th century. Queen Arwa is buried in the famous mosque she commissioned to be built in Jiblah.

Shihara is one of the most famous fortified villages of Yemen. Situated at 2600 meters at the top of Mt Shihara, this village played an important role as base of the resistance against the Ottomans.

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