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Yemen has many places to visit, and Arabian Horizons have a variety of tours to accommodate all interests!

Classical or Cultural tours
Enables visitors to experience the most important historical monuments, points of interest, and breath-taking landscapes in comfort.

Adventure and Hiking tours
Yemen is an extraordinary place for the traveller who wishes to trek through mountains. The Haraz Mountains of Al-Mahweet are inhabited by hospitable and friendly people. This unspoiled region offers castled villages, exotic traditional costumes, fairy-tale houses and breathtaking panoramas.

Official and Business tours
Tours provide the official and executive traveller with VIP, discreet and secure tours. We also accommodate business development needs; from arranging meetings with prospective clients, to visiting various government agencies and NGOs.

Incentive Tours
During this short stay, day-excursions from Sana’a to nearby villages or cities may be arranged. Lecture halls in five star hotels are also available for conferences.

Tours to Ethiopia
Enjoy a cruise across the Red Sea to Ethiopia, in cooperation with our office in Addis Ababa.

Diving and water sports in the Red & Arabian Seas
The Red and Arabian Seas are considered the best sites for diving in the world. The most beautiful examples of coral reefs are located in the south of the Red Sea, precisely in front of Yemen. The islands along the Yemeni coast offer one of the most spectacular varieties of sea life in the world. Sea life to be seen include rays, octopus, squids, lobsters, morays, perch, whales, sharks, and dolphins.

Bird watching programmes
Yemen has unique birds native only to Yemen to watch year round. Yemen is also a stop-over region for many varieties of migrating fowl.

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